OpenBIB / Open Library - your library open to the public 24/7

OpenBIB is a solution for libraries that allows opening hours to be greatly expanded.

Although this is still relatively new as a total concept, we already have extensive experience in realizing such a solution.

Recently, the Lauwe library, “the Applauws,” in Menen, Belgium, was implemented with this concept. We spoke with Koen Provost and Griet Vanryckegem from bib Menen to find out moreabout the objectives and their experiences.

What is Open Library?

There are already several names by which this concept is known:

  • independent library
  • Open Library
  • unmanned library

The solution extends existing staffed opening hours and gives your visitors more flexibility when visiting the library.

An Open Library always has manned and unmanned opening hours.

In short: Open Library is an additional service that users can make intensive use of, regardless of the “old” opening hours.


What does Open Library consist of?


Each library is just different, but there are a number of things required for an Open Library to function:

  • A technological solution for access control,
  • camera monitoring, light, speaker, alarm and power connection options,
  • a software solution for opening doors, controlling lighting and speaker systems, PCs and activating/deactivating the alarm system,
  • An administration system that allows staff to configure the system,
  • set your own opening hours through the convenient software.


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