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Autocheck Systems and HSBib will continue as ekz benelux.


Innovating Together!

We are proud to announce that Autocheck Systems and HSBIB will continue together under the name ekz benelux from June 1, 2021.

After the acquisition of HSBIB by Autocheck Systems in 2020, this gives us a stronger market position and enables us to work even better with and for you. Together we are ready for a bright future. 

The name ekz benelux is a reference to our German parent company, ekz.bibliotheksservice GmbH, which has been a well-established player since 1947. With a new name also comes a new, fresh corporate identity that stands for trust, connection and innovation.
We will of course continue to be your partner, and your current contacts will remain your first port of call.

At the same time, we will be striving to serve you even better. We will be working with you to deliver customized solutions to any issue you encounter, using our signature friendly, personal and professional approach.

We are confident that this step will make us even stronger and that we will be able to serve you even more competently. Thank you for your trust over the last 25 years!

Marc de Lange,
Director ekz benelux

On behalf of:
Anne, Anja, Edwin, Ibrahim, Jan, Jos, Marcel, Mark, Monique, Pascal and Stan.

Service is our core business!

The highest goal of our team is to get satisfied users. We want to achieve this by providing excellent service to all our customers. Because we develop our products in-house, we have full control over the complete chain of RFID products. From self-service counter to intelligent bookcase and from handheld reader to display table, all software was developed in-house under the name itrack RFID. This gives us the unique ability to fulfill the wishes of our customers and users down to the last detail.


Innovating is learning, learning is growing. Both individually and with our team, we learn every day. And we are happy to share that knowledge.


We always work towards a solution that best suits and takes into account each specific situation.


Service-oriented work is the starting point for us. We get happy from satisfied customers.

An in-house team of service engineers!

Our service engineers are available 7 days a week and are on the road to help you as quickly as possible when breakdowns occur. In 97% of cases, a malfunction can be resolved remotely and does not require a visit. A phone call is often enough to solve your problems.

Our service engineers are men who help in the most unusual situations. At ekz benelux, however, everyone has a toolbox in the car. ekz benelux is built on providing the best support you need as a library.

Even if you are not yet a customer with us, our service department will be happy to assist you.

Our service department solves 97% of the malfunctions adequately and remotely, so that you can continue your work quickly.


Part of ekz.bibliotheksservice GmbH

ekz benelux is part of the German parent company ekz.bibliotheksservice GmbH and has been providing competent advice, system solutions and innovations for universities, colleges and libraries in the Benelux for more than 25 years. Previously known as Autocheck Systems and HSBIB, ekz.benelux has been the market leader in self-service solutions for libraries, universities and colleges in the Benelux since the merger. The headquarters of ekz benelux is in Woerden.

ekz.bibliotheksservice is based in Reutlingen and employs more than 320 people. For more information on ekz.librarianservice, go to www.ekz.de.

History of Autocheck Systems

The origins of Autocheck Systems go back to 1997, when Rien Sluijs started selling security solutions to libraries under this name. Initially this still involved so-called electromagnetic security, but from 2003 onwards it slowly but surely switched to RFID technology. Certainly after NBD Biblion’s decision in April 2004 to stick an RFID chip in every library book, the development of Autocheck Systems went quickly. In 2013, the Nedap dealership was obtained, growing the organization to 7 employees and over 500 customers in the Netherlands and Belgium.


History HSBIB

Originally Started as an automation company for SMEs, we provided our first customer with RFID self-service in 2004 and have been active with RFID self-service for 12 years now. With over 170 customers ranging from Terschelling in the Netherlands to Nieuwpoort in Belgium, we provide RFID solutions at libraries, universities and colleges throughout the Benelux.

On January 1, 2016, a merger between HSPRO library systems and itrack created HSBIB. Both organizations had long been active as RFID suppliers to libraries in the Netherlands and Belgium. The merger created a better-equipped service organization, responding to the different needs of customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, absolutely not. We would like to have a fresh new and uniform look.

The current situation was somewhat diffuse. The acquisition of Autocheck Systems in 2018 by ekz.bibliotheksservice and the acquisition of HSBIB (formerly itrack) by Autocheck Systems in 2020 causes 3 names to circulate. Also, the fact that we are known as Nedap to a number of customers does not contribute to a clear and unambiguous communication.

No, you continue to do business with the existing entities/corporations. A legal merger of the entities is not an issue at this time. This could be done at a later stage, but is certainly not applicable now.

Our address information remains the same and so do our phone numbers. Only our staff email addresses are going to change to voornaam.achternaam@ekzbenelux.com

we would like you to mail to the following addresses:

general: hello@ekzbenelux.com
support: support@ekzbenelux.com
billing: facturen@ekzbenelux.com
administration: administratie@ekzbenelux.com
marketing: marketing@ekzbenelux.com
Sale: sales@ekzbenelux.com

Of course, you can also email your trusted contact. Her or his email address is easy to remember:

No, the new corporate identity does not change the agreements we have made with our customers or with our suppliers.

Innovation is key. New products don’t come out of the blue by themselves. To ensure that new ideas and concepts meet the needs of the market in the best possible way, we like to innovate together with you.