An overview of our products for libraries.

Sort System - ekz benelux

Sorting system

Sorting systems can be built in all shapes and sizes. The main purpose of the sorting system is to make employees more efficient. Materials are handed in and automatically sorted….

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Self-service counter - ekz benelux

Self-service counter

As of 2008, there have been few changes in the way RFID self-service has been shaped in libraries. In 2015, there was a turnaround on which the payment function was integrated into the self-service counter…

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itrack statistics - ekz benelux

itrack statistics

Many systems generate data which can be interesting for statistical analysis. With the self-service counters, for example, it is interesting to see how many collections, loans and renewals have taken place…

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Visitors Counter- ekz benelux

visitor counters

A highly reliable customer counting system has been developed. Customer counting is done from above using a camera. The camera records the visitor and determines the direction. In this way, it is known exactly how many visitors…

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Security Gates - ekz benelux

Security gates

The security gates are suitable for RFID security. The gates “listen” on HF frequency for security on RFID chips in both the AFI and EAS standards….

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