Sorting system

RFID technology makes it easy to sort materials automatically. The sorting system uses RFID to sort materials into bins or carts. These are then ready for staff to place in on shelves across the various departments or floors.

Sorting can be done based on many criteria. The system can also be installed on multiple floors. Elevators are then used to bring the materials up or down. For example, you can have a book already sorted on the right floor, so you don’t have to climb the stairs with carts or stacks of materials.


  • User Interface:
    Simple icons allow visitors to submit materials quickly and easily.
  • Intake processed directly into library management system:
    With a direct link to the library management system, an intake is processed immediately as soon as it arrives.
  • Supports a wide range of material types:
    Books, books with appendix, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or videocassette.
  • Unlimited sorting options:
    The system can filter reservations and perform more than 30 other sorting options.
  • Method of processing:
    Predetection determines whether an items can be processed. Then the items are taken one by one.
  • Statistics System:
    The counter communicates transaction numbers to the itrack statistics system.
  • Communication with library system:
    SIP2 protocol
  • Supports quality standards:
    SIP2, ISO15.693, ISO28.560, Dutch Data Model version 5

Benefits of the Sorting system

  1. Easy filtering of reservations
  2. Automatically sort by department or category
  3. Less chance of errors in cabinet placement
  4. Ease of use for customers
  5. Fast processing of materials
  6. Deliver materials directly to the right floor
  7. Direct connection with the LMS
  8. Directly connectable to a 24 hour vending machine