Security gates

The security gates are suitable for RFID security. The gates “listen” on HF frequency for security on RFID chips in both the AFI and EAS standards. The gates can be spaced up to 100 cm apart while maintaining full detection capability. Placement at 100cm results in only minor quality loss. Multiple panels can be installed for additional passageways.

The use of plexiglass makes the gate strong yet unobtrusive. The gates are designed to be placed in any store or library.


  • Security standards:
    Checking for AFI or EAS standards.
  • Acoustic alarm signals:
    In case of positive detection, a high-pitched beep sounds. The volume is easily adjustable.
  • Visual alarm signals:
    When the alarm goes off, LED lights in all panels will flash.
  • HF (13.56 Mhz) support:
    Ports detect at 13.56 Mhz frequency and uses the ISO 15,693 standard.
  • Aesthetic Design:
    With plexiglass panels and rounded shapes, the gate fits within any interior.
  • Multiple panels to be linked for multiple passages:
    Up to 8 panels can be linked to make 7 passages.
  • Online readout of statistics:
    The data can be read remotely to make trends easier to analyze.

Benefits of the Security gates

  1. To be placed with 120cm spacing
  2. Fast response times
  3. Both acoustic and visual signal
  4. Sound volume infinitely adjustable
  5. Connect to a doorbell for remote signaling