visitor counters

Everyone is familiar with the centuries-old saying ‘to measure is to know’, which is still of great importance today. Behind every decision, figures must be presented as justification. Therefore, in order to make the right decisions, accurate numbers are very important. A highly reliable customer counting system has been developed for this purpose.

Customer counting is done from above using a camera. The camera records the visitor and determines their direction of travel. This means you can record exactly how many visitors have entered and exited. Because of the camera, it is even possible to count individuals as they walk close together. A distinction can also be made between adults and children.


  • Suitable for counting anywhere:
    Ceiling counter with minimum height of 2.4 meters and maximum height of 10 meters.
  • Counting at an angle:
    The customer counter can be hung at an angle.
  • Counting individuals:
    Camera technology means people walking hand in hand can also be counted separately.
  • Incoming and outgoing visitors:
    The counter records direction and distinguishes between incoming and outgoing visitors for more reliable measurements.
  • Counting both inside and outside:
    The clever design allows the counter to be hung indoors or outdoors.
  • Statistics system:
    The counter communicates with the itrack statistics system.
  • Reports available anywhere in the world:
    The online reporting environment allows you to view reports from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.
  • Low bandwidth:
    Through clever use of data management, a maximum of 0.05 kbps of bandwidth is used.
  • Very easy installation:
    Merely connecting a network cable is sufficient for the counter to function.

Benefits of the visitor counters

The older techniques counted through breaks. When the light beam or infrared beam was interrupted because something or someone walked through it then it was counted. The statistics became inaccurate because it had to be assumed that one interruption was one person.

Visitors who walked side by side were thus counted as one person. When visitors walked in too fast in succession, there was also only one interruption and thus one person counted. This allowed for large discrepancies in the numbers counted.

Camera technology has transformed the new generation in visitor counters. With this technique, images taken by a camera are analyzed at lightning speed. The analysis is designed to distinguish people and determine their direction of travel. Previously counting was done with infrared or even earlier with a simple beam of light.

The camera analysis records everyone individually and does not assume lines are interrupted. The image is analyzed and persons are counted. For example, dogs or shopping carts are not counted. If people walk close together, the cameras will identify them as individuals. Cameras are thus more intelligent and use a smarter approach to counting your visitors.

In short, the statistics become more reliable and you can make better decisions.