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itrack statistics

With itrack statistics, you can see how your RFID self-service counters are performing – how many loans, renewals and collections have been made per desk. When you have multiple counters, you can see which counter performs best.

itrack statistics is set up for ease of use. This goes beyond just the self-service counters. Other products, such as customer counters and security gates, can also be included. If there is a problem it can be reported directly via the statistics page. By logging in once, you’ll have all the data at hand immediately.


  • Handy overview of the current week:
    When logging in, the current week is displayed. So you can immediately see how your counters are performing that week and how many visitors you have received.
  • Choice of 12 different reports:
    You can choose from 12 different reports. You can have these displayed by counter, by period or cumulatively.
  • Reports in PDF:
    Reports can be generated in PDF form. This allows the reports to be presented immediately without you having to edit them.
  • Reports in CSV:
    All reports can be displayed as a CSV file. The data can be exported to an LMS or Excel, for example.
  • Reports on different periods:
    Choose which periods you want to view: a standard timeframe of 2 weeks, or unlimited with itrack Statistics premium.
  • Security of data is paramount:
    Security is paramount: no customer data is stored and other data is sent encrypted.
  • Manage counters:
    From the statistics environment, log in directly to the self-service counter to adjust it.
  • Helpdesk:
    From the statistics environment, you can also create support tickets when problems are encountered with products.
  • Customer counter and security gate:
    Statistics reports can be added for the customer counter and security gates.





Reporting for RFID self-service

Reporting for customer counter, security gate

PDF reports

CSV reports

Homepage weekly overview

Direct management of self-service counters

Reporting problems to the helpdesk

Scheduled Reporting

Period over which reports can be viewed at most

2 weeks


Benefits of the itrack statistics

  1. Records number of intakes, enrollees and loans
  2. Counts cumulative enrolments
  3. Records number of extensions
  4. Use of receipt printer or email
  5. Records usage over a period of time
  6. Identifies mistakes in security
  7. Cumulative use over a period of time
  8. Store and share data
  9. Records number of reservations brought in
  10. Uptime connection to the library system
  11. Records number of visitors incoming
  12. Records number of visitors outgoing
  13. Records number of visitor inbound and outbound