Turnhout Library

The Bibliotheek Turnhout recently reopened after a major renovation. For over 10 years, the library sat in a temporary location only now to return, along with DocAtlas,to the Warande.

The result of all the labor is worthy of mention: the library is once again a jewel of the present day and ekz benelux is therefore proud to be the supplier of its self-service equipment after a careful and extensive selection process.

Visitors can again borrow and lend their materials in the familiar way, but with some innovations! One of the first libraries in Belgium, the Turnhout library introduced self-service based on RFID technology more than 14 years ago. With the remodel, the decision has now been made to thoroughly update the equipment.

Just next to the entrance on the left side are 4 lending units. These are all equipped with a payment terminal, allowing customers to pay any charges at the lending desks as well.

Furthermore, the entire user interface has been completely revamped and uses 22-inch touch screens. Upon entry, customers can place materials in 4 drop-in boxes.

When the materials are placed on the shelves, the material is immediately taken. On the side of the drop-in boxes is the familiar payment terminal.

Another new development is that visitors are counted through modern camera-based visitor counters. Of course, this is done in compliance with privacy requirements and no images are stored, only movements are recorded.

Security gates at the entrance ensure that any materials not properly loaned are spotted.

All in all, a successful project with a beautiful result!

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