In order to be able to take back books even outside opening hours, ekz benelux has built the ekz bookdrop.

With this solution, borrowers can return books 24/7, where the collected works are immediately debited from the card. Even when there is no longer a connection with the library management system, the proven Store-and-Forward option will allow the collection of works to continue. After the connection is restored, the saved transactions are still automatically forwarded.

For an optimal user experience, a (vandal-resistant) 22 “touch screen is used. This makes it possible to give clear instructions and to present the titles of submitted works, with the result of the submission action.

A limited promotional message can be displayed, such as adjusted opening hours, an announced lecture, a holiday message, et cetera.

The double-flap design with moving belt allows for collection of works returned one at a time – more works submitted simultaneously or works from other libraries can be returned to the borrower.

The bookdrop can be placed on the inside or outside of your building. In the case of thin or glass passage walls, an additional substructure construction is included (optional).

In the event of malfunctions, a remote diagnosis can be performed, and any software updates can also be carried out remotely.

To give the whole (especially in the dark!) extra cachet, you can opt for the Backlight-LED option.

The ekz bookdrop is also very suitable to serve as an intake unit for the ekz sorting machines.


    • Dimensions: 965 x 965 x 693 (w x h x d) mm
    • Material: Metal (coated anthracite grey)
    • Front: Stainless steel Front Stainless steel both round and square with rounded corners
    • EAS and AFI: Both security protocols are supported
    • Weight: 85 KG
    • Information: Stepping process by led icons
    • Submitting CDs/DVDs/BRs: Yes
    • RFID: 13.56 Mhz, ISO 15,693 / ISO 18,000-3

Benefits of the Bookdrop

  1. Vandal-proof intake station
  2. User friendly, steps to follow by
    by means of light signals
  3. Flexible and modular concept
  4. Suitable for all
  5. SIP2 compatible
  6. ISO 15.693 compatible