Intelligent shelves

The Intelligent shelves provides automatic intake of materials. Visitors put the material on the shelves and everything is taken care of. The cabinet takes in the materials and records them in the library management system.

The Intelligent shelves are part of the total range of self-service systems. With the deployment of the Intelligent shelves, in addition to providing a better experience, the workload on the self-checkout systems can be reduced.

Due to the modular concept, the shelves can be fitted appropriately into any interior.


  • User Interface: The screen shows the last materials turned in
  • Security of Materials: When materials are turned in through the cabinet, security is automatically turned on.
  • Supports a wide range of material types: Books, attached books, CD, DVD, Blu-ray, or videocassette.
  • Supports combined materials: The system takes in materials that consist of multiple parts.
  • Method of processing: When the book is placed in the cabinet, the cabinet takes care of everything itself....
  • Communication with library system: SIP2 protocol
  • Supports quality standards: SIP2, ISO15,693, ISO28,560, Dutch Data Model version 5

Benefits of the Intelligent shelves

  1. The automatic intake of materials
  2. The intake operation for the customers is much faster
  3. Greater ease of use for the customer
  4. Security of the books is always set properly
  5. Customers can browse the closet
  6. No waiting times