An overview of our products for the university.

Intelligent Shelves - ekz benelux

Intelligent shelves

The Intelligent shelves provides automatic intake of materials. Visitors put an item in the cabinet and everything is taken care of. The cabinet takes in materials and records them in the library management system….

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For libraries looking to expand their services, and give customers the opportunity to turn in materials outside of opening hours, the Bookdrop is the solution. The bookdrop takes in materials on basic…

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Self-service counter - ekz benelux

Self-service counter

As of 2008, there have been few changes in the way RFID self-service has been shaped in libraries. In 2015, there was a turnaround on which the payment function was integrated into the self-service counter…

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Staff station

The Staff station allows the user to work with RFID at the staff workplace as well. The Staff station consists of an RFID antenna for the computer. Together they create the perfect link to the library management system….

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New products for universities

Are you also looking for new innovations for your university? Then contact Jos for a demonstration of one or more products from our current and upcoming portfolio.